The stigma of “counselling”

For some, it takes a lot of courage to seek a counsellor.  Often thoughts of weakness arise, that they can’t cope.  Which can be known as shameful.  And often it’s the beginning of something they have hidden or shunned before.  Which can be painful.  The journey into the unknown is scary.  But once the journey begins, it gets easier.  

The relationship between client and counsellor is the key ingredient here.  Is it easy? Sometimes yes, often, no.  Is it worth it?  Possibly.  I say possibly as it depends on so many variables but in most cases, it’s a YES.

Look at stigma and the negatives which come with it – as others’ perceptions, not yours.  

Embrace, release and be vulnerable.  There’s the strength right there.

Will it be easy- Nope...Worth it-Possibly...