Could’ve.  Should’ve.  Would’ve.  What if?

All words we use easily.  If you want to turn them into I did, I can, I will…. let’s talk.

My name is Amaya and I made positive changes, yes it was scary at times.  It was a little bit exciting too.

Yes I saw a counsellor and yes, I did it.

You can too.

I am based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Sydney CBD.  I offer telephone and Skype counselling for those who are unable to travel or have busy lives and work commitments.  We are only human.

NEW : Approved Provider for National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) and accepting referrals now.

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How good is your tool kit?

People often ask “what can counselling do for me? it’s just a chat, right”?  Well, yes we do chat, but I have used the ‘building a toolkit analogy’ which helps explain… So, consider the scenario.  You need a new door knocker.  Off to Bunnings we go, get past the Sausage Sizzle, straight to the door … Continue reading How good is your tool kit?

The new “selfie”

In the UK, it is Mental Health Awareness week.  This falls in October for Australia.  Not that it matters when and where given that the internet helps us be aware whichever country we reside. It’s all good though.  A lot of celebrities and Royals are talking about it and allowing “average” Jo or Joe to … Continue reading The new “selfie”

The stigma of “counselling”

For some, it takes a lot of courage to seek a counsellor.  Often thoughts of weakness arise, that they can’t cope.  Which can be known as shameful.  And often it’s the beginning of something they have hidden or shunned before.  Which can be painful.  The journey into the unknown is scary.  But once the journey … Continue reading The stigma of “counselling”

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